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Kip Evans

Kip Evans is an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone pilot. His business is located on the Monterey Peninsula in California.  He is licensed to fly drones for commercial use throughout the United States.  Kip has a extensive history of excellence in photography and filmmaking. As a certified drone pilot he has captured aerial content in many countries around the world, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Africa, and the Galapagos with a perfect safety record. He has  worked with central California growers to document vineyards, lettuce fields, and to fly multispectral surveys. He has also flown many missions for the US Golf Association (USGA) to create aerial content for promotional videos including for use during multiple U.S. Opens. 

As a filmmaker and photographer, Kip has led or participated in more than seventy expeditions throughout the world. As a photographer, he has worked on dozens of National Geographic Society projects since 1998, including the five-year Sustainable Seas project to explore and document the U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries.  He graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies. 

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